The Easy way to win Powerball

Can you win Powerball by using an easy pick lotto ticket?

If you think that it is possible to win the Powerball by using an easy pick lotto ticket, then you are absolutely correct. However, if you do not think it’s possible, you are also correct. Ok, now you are totally confused.

Let me explain. Winning the Powerball is a big undertaking. The jackpot starts at 20 million US Dollars on a slow week.

If you take into consideration exactly how much money that is, a yes it’s possible or no it’s possible is possible when you are taking a chance on a computer generated number. In this article, I will tell you how to utilize the computer generated number in order to win the Powerball and I will inform you on when your chances of winning from the easy pick numbers are not so good. You will come to realize that both of these factors are of the utmost importance and they both determine what your chances are of winning the Powerball. Correct me if I am wrong – winning is everything??

When does thePowerball  easy pick have a slim to zero value?

1. A single digit computer generated number is of no value.

Look at previous winning combinations. They contain a range of numbers and even though some of them are single digits – they are never just single digits. If you buy a computer pick that only displays single digits, you might as well throw it into the trash. If you think this is too extreme, you are more than welcome to hold on to it. Just do not expect to win.

2. You will not win the Powerball with numbers that consist of only mid-range numbers like 10; 12; 15 and 18.

I am sorry if this fact disappoints you but mid-range numbers alone will not seal the deal. I am not saying that these numbers are bad, I am simply saying that they do not win on their own.

This brings me to my last point.

3. An easy pick ticket that only consists of large numbers like 27; 34; and 18 will also have a disappointing outcome. Ok so now you are asking yourself what numbers you need to in order to win?

The answer has 2 parts.

Firstly: Winning Powerball tickets contain ranges of number that have low middle and large numbers. For example:  4, 6, 13, 17, 33 and 38.

Secondly: If you purchase an easy pick ticket that contains low middle and large numbers then you have a potential winner. Your goal should be set on securing more tickets that have a combination of low, middle, and large numbers. There is no other way you’re going to win using computer generated numbers.

Happy betting!

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