The BIG Lotto Secret …

The Lotto Secret Everyone Wants to Know About

Everyone who likes to play lotto also plays in the hopes of winning the big lotto jackpot. However, it is a lot easier said than done. What everyone wants to know is what the lotto secret is to win big. There are many out there who say that they have discovered the secret to winning the lotto. But there are also many scams claiming to have all the lotto secrets you need to know to be guaranteed to win the lotto.

What you really need to know if you want to know the secret to winning the lotto, is which numbers you should choose to play. Here are just three ways in which you can choose your numbers:

Let the System Choose for You

The first way to choose your lotto numbers is to let the system choose the numbers for you when you buy the ticket. This is often known as a quick pick as well. This is a good way if you have no idea which numbers you want to choose to play lotto.

Choose Numbers That Are Special to You

The second way to choose lotto numbers to play is to choose numbers which hold a special significance for you. This means that you can choose the numbers of birthdays or anniversaries or any other numbers that you feel are your lucky numbers.

Look at the Previous Winning Numbers

A third way in which you can choose lucky lotto numbers is too look at the numbers that have won in the past. Some insist that you should play the numbers which are often drawn as part of the winning numbers. Others believe that you should choose specifically those numbers which do not often feature in the winning numbers.

It would be great if there was one, big, guaranteed lotto secret that would make you win the big lotto jackpot every time.But perhaps the biggest secret to standing a chance to win the lotto jackpot is to buy tickets and play the game.

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