US Powerball

The US Powerball Dream

You can play US Powerball online NOW! You will hear the words “nothing is impossible” every single day of your life. If you put the effort in, you can achieve anything. Does this imply to the US Powerball as well? Or is winning this lottery an impossible dream? To win the lotto, you need nothing […]

USA Powerball Number Patterns

Is it possible to learn the pattern of the numbers in USA Powerball? Each participant playing the USA Powerball purchases a ticket. Each player has to select a set of five numbers from a set that starts at 1 and goes up to 59. These balls are white. The participants then have to select another […]

The Secret To Winning Powerball (7 times)

What is the Secret To Winning Powerball (7 times)? Richard Lustig – a resident from Orlando has won 7 times on the American Powerball lottery. He now claims to know the secret formula to win large amounts of money on the lotto – I don’t know if I believe him. Firstly decide whether you believe […]

US Powerball winning ticket unclaimed!

The sole winning ticket The only winning ticket bought for the 425 million US dollar jackpot was bought at a Milpitas gas station in California. The winner matched all 6 numbers which were 1; 17; 35; 49; 54 as well as 34. The identity of the winner is not known, however, the gas station that […]

Powerball Luck of the Jedi?

Powerball Win due to Luck of the Jedi? A resident of Northern California invoked the “luck of the Jedi when he claimed his prize of 425.3 million US Dollars. He hit the Powerball jackpot after playing lottery for over 20 years. On the day he came forward he was clothed in a Star Wars t-shirt […]

Did you know THIS about Powerball?

Something you might not have known – Powerball Believe it or not – there was an unclaimed Powerball ticket in South Africa, Pretoria. The ticket was worth R30 Million. Due to the fact that the ticket had been floating for a year, the owner of the ticket had lost all the prize money. Powerball Online […]

What do you get if you match 5 Powerball numbers?

What do you get if you match 5 Powerball numbers? We all play Powerball because we want to win the jackpot cash prize. However, not everyone knows that there are also second prizes that are worth playing for. Even the second prize is enough to change your life with. Powerball with 5 Matching Numbers You […]

The Easy way to win Powerball

Can you win Powerball by using an easy pick lotto ticket? If you think that it is possible to win the Powerball by using an easy pick lotto ticket, then you are absolutely correct. However, if you do not think it’s possible, you are also correct. Ok, now you are totally confused. Let me explain. […]

Win obscene amounts with US Powerball Lottery

Play US Powerball right NOW! The future is yours if you dream big.  So, why not dream of winning the US Powerball jackpot?  Others have dreamt and won.  So can you! US Powerball Rocks US Powerball lottery draws are held bi-weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Lotto players choose five numbers ranging from 1-59.  One extra […]

You may be the next Lotto Winner

Want to be a Lotto Winner? So many of us are tired of living a poor and boring lifestyle, but never try playing the lotto. Playing lotto is the easiest way to become instantly rich and famous. What will happen if you become the next lotto winner? If you are interested, keep reading. Let’s face […]