Super Ena Lotto

All about SuperEna Max

How does SuperEna Max work? Place of Draw: Winning numbers are based on the outcome of the official SuperEnaLotto, drawn in Rome, Italy Time of Draw: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Cut-off time for purchasing tickets: 15:00 or 16:00 GMT (depending on UK daylight savings time) Prize tiers are available: 6 including the super draw ‘Superstar’ option Biggest jackpot available: €250 […]


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Super Ena Lotto

Win with Super Ena Lotto Play Super Ena Lotto online now and you may be the next Italian Lottery millionaire! There is no better time than right now take the first step to possible financial freedom. When you win the Ena Lotto, you will be made for life. No more horrible jobs, no more hiding […]


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