OZ Lotto

Win the Oz Lotto and Finish that Bucket List

OZ Lotto – the BIG One Oz Lotto is one of the richest national lotto’s in the Southern Hemisphere and has paid out jackpots as high as AU$ 106 million. Just think of all the things you can tick off your bucket list if you win one of the Oz Lotto jackpots The Oz Lotto […]

Oz lotto – play online here

Play OZ Lotto & Oz Powerball Online NOW! Oz lotto You might not be aware of the fact that Australian Oz Lotto is the ultimate and only dispenser of products online – together with other participating firms. This considered, you would not be surprised to know that the games are run under very close supervising […]

Australia’s OZ Lotto Rocks Big-time

Quick OZ Lotto rundown OZ Lotto is Australian for kickass lottery jackpots. The Lotto offers 7 exciting levels (divisions) of prizes. Draws take place once a week on Tuesdays.  45 balls numbered 1-45 are used to draw 9 numbers.  The first 7 balls drawn carry the 7 lucky winning numbers – match your 7 numbers […]