Lucky numbers and Megamillions

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How to Manage your Mega Millions

Tips on managing your Mega Millions Yes, the your chance of winning the USA Mega Millions are very bleak to say the least, but if you win, you should be able to have and use your money, right? Wrong! There are people who never have the chance to even see their winnings. Everyone knows that […]

Lucky Megamillions Couple

Lucky couple won Megamillions Jackpot What would you do with a piece of paper worth 258 million US dollars? This was the first question that came to mind when Helen and her husband Harold Lerner checked their lottery numbers and realized that they had the winning ticket for the Mega Millions jackpot. They grabbed and […]

Love, Lotto and MegaMillions

Love, lotto and MegaMillions! Can you imagine finding and marrying your soul mate? Ok, now imagine doing this and winning the lotto a few weeks after your wedding. Yes, it sounds like something that only happens in movies and will never happen to you. However, this is exactly what happened to Debby Opper who is […]

Two Megamillions winning tickets

Two winning Megamillions tickets Two people from two different states both bought winning tickets in the MegaMillions draw in March. The winners will split the 400 million US dollar MegaMillions jackpot. The jackpot was the sixth biggest jackpot in the history of US lottery. One of the tickets was purchased at a store in Florida […]

How to invest your Megamillions

Invest in your Future with your Megamillions Jackpot Prize You have won the Jackpot! The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow…or ‘Jack sits in the pot’ of gold.  Your future depends on how you are going to invest the best! If you are careful and wise you will be able to have […]

How to select a Megamillions Bonus Number

Megamillions- How to select a bonus number? Players playing the Megamillions lottery have a dilemma. They often have their hands in their hair about the troublesome Bonus ball. You can increase your chances of winning the Megamillions by analyzing the previous winning lotto numbers, but the amount of Bonus balls are so few – only […]

Best Megamillions Numbers

Best numbers to play Megamillions Most of the players who play Mega Millions have the same question. Which numbers are best to play the Megamillions?  I am here to tell you that there are no specific numbers or formula that you can follow to get a good answer on what numbers are best to play […]

Four MegaMillions Wealth Personalities

Money Changes People There isn’t a lotto player in this world who doesn’t dream of striking a lottery jackpot big-time.  We have various and colorful reasons and motivations as to why we so desperately want to win obscene amounts of money.  Some long for the opportunity to start their lives over and do things differently […]

Don’t lose or forget about your USA Lotteries Ticket

Don’t forget to not forget your USA Lotteries ticket Being a scatterbrain and suffering from forgetfulness can cause havoc (and close calls) in a lotto player’s world… as well as afford the rest of us some laughs. Forgot to buy the winning USA Lotteries ticket Imagine always picking the same combination of numbers every time […]