Mega Millions

The NEW Mega Millions

Mega Millions – the rules changed The Mega Millions jackpots are just getting larger and everyone from all around the world wants their share. However, some say that chances for us normal folk look bleak. My chances — and yours — of winning are worse than ever. “It’s completely unfair. They’re making it harder to […]

Lucky numbers and Megamillions

There are megamillions to be won every week. For your chance at winning the Megamillions, play lotto Online NOW!

How to Manage your Mega Millions

Tips on managing your Mega Millions Yes, the your chance of winning the USA Mega Millions are very bleak to say the least, but if you win, you should be able to have and use your money, right? Wrong! There are people who never have the chance to even see their winnings. Everyone knows that […]

Is there a Formula for Mega Millions?

Is There a Formula for Choosing Mega Millions Numbers? Technically speaking there is no magic formula or secret system to choose Mega Millions numbers. Unless the draw is rigged, there is no way that you can guarantee a winning set of numbers for the jackpot of a lottery. The Mega Millions numbers are chosen randomly […]

The Mega Millions System here!

Do you need a system to win the Mega Millions? A lot of people dream of winning the lotto. If you go around and ask a few people what they would do if they win the jackpot in the Mega Millions lottery, you will hear a big list of all the things they want to […]

Living it up with my Lotto Jackpot winnings

Share in the Lotto Jackpot Winnings when you play Huge Lottos Ever contemplated what you would do when you win the lotto jackpot in your dreams? Live it up big time, off course!  Daydreaming about my Lotto Jackpot jackpot  I play the lotto zealously. I fervently hope, pray and wish to rake in all those […]

Win the USA Mega Millions Jackpot!

Play USA Mega Millions online NOW! There is no doubt that you will be a mega millionaire if you are lucky enough to win the jackpot in the USA Mega Millions. Just one ticket that will cost you no more than ten dollars could change your life forever. You will have fame as well as […]

The 7 BIGGEST Mega Millions WINS

Amazing MegaMillions Jackpots 1 Mega Millions jackpot: $656 Million Merle and Patricia Butler from Illinois shared this Mega jackpot with three teachers from Maryland and another anonymous winner from Kansas. They each took home a whopping $218.6 million! The Butlers stated that they would invest the money on advice from their newly appointed financial planners. […]

All about US Lotteries and playing them online

USA Lotteries US Lotteries offers you three Lotto gaming options: USA Megamillions, USA Powerball and the Superlotto Plus. Mega Millions is the biggest of the American US Lotteries and holds the record for the largest jackpot, $656 million, in the history of US Lotteries. Winning the jackpot, you get two payout options: The Annuity Option, […]

USA Lotteries can change your life in an instant

USA Lotteries: INVEST in your future! The average person struggles to get by financially most of the time. Living costs are on the incline and you probably feel that you’re going backwards instead of forward. You try to save money, but your bank balance also seems to shrink. There is another option. You can set […]