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Lotto Wins 3 Times in ONE Month!

3 Lotto Wins in one month? I was stunned when I first read about the Virginia couple who had won lotto prizes three times in one month. It is just not fair. What are the odds of this happening to the same couple 3 times in less than 30 days? Calvin and Zatera Spencer make […]

Lucky Lotto Winners and their Millions

Another one of the lucky lotto winners Believe it or not, the identity of the 108 million EuroMillions jackpot winners have been revealed. He is a car Mechanic and an amateur racing driver from Coulsdon, Surrey. His massive jackpot win in March made him the winner of the fourth biggest National lotto scoop in Britain. […]

Are you a Lotto Winner?

Do You Have What It Takes To Become A Lotto Winner? Lotto winners seem to have all the luck in the world! I am not so sure that it is only luck. Maybe there is a formula or system they follow which brings them a little closer to winning. Becoming a Lotto Winner Three steps […]

Lotto Winners Spending Their Booty

How Lotto Winners spend their money Besides quitting their jobs, lottery winners like to spend their booties on holidays, luxury homes, and hot wheels. And yes, they do share their money! How do the lucky Lotto Winners spend their booties? We all wonder how lotto winners spend their bountiful booties. We wish to be the […]

Lucky Lotto Winners Fun

Lotto Winners  Fun & Laughs The following Lotto Fun scenarios are true to life and really happened. It speaks of a great deal of luck in some instances! Laundered Money By accident, a Lotto winner’s girlfriend checked the pockets of his jeans before washing them. She saved his lotto ticket that was worth £1.5 million. […]

The 7 BIGGEST Mega Millions WINS

Amazing MegaMillions Jackpots 1 Mega Millions jackpot: $656 Million Merle and Patricia Butler from Illinois shared this Mega jackpot with three teachers from Maryland and another anonymous winner from Kansas. They each took home a whopping $218.6 million! The Butlers stated that they would invest the money on advice from their newly appointed financial planners. […]

Lotto Latest

Lotto Latest for all the Latest on Lotteries Lotto Latest is the place where we take a look at the biggest Lotto winners, how they spend their money and how their lives have changed since winning the Lotto. Lotto Latest Tips: Here you can get tips from Lotto winners, regular Lotto players that play according […]