Lotto Ticket

Lotto Ticket:Your Chance to Win $1,000,000

Spending $1,000,000 a Day Buy your lotto ticket today and start dreaming big. US philanthropist and founder of Microsoft, Bill Gates, reportedly told his professors at Harvard University that he’d be a millionaire at age 30. Gates dared to dream big and his dreams became spectacularly true. He became a billionaire at the relatively tender […]

Lotto ticket price vs. inflation

Compare the price of a Lotto ticket  vs. inflation On the 13th of October 2013 there was an increase in the cost of a single UK national lottery entry, which doubled from 1 Pound to 2 Pounds. If you look at the bigger picture – you still get value for money. The price  for a […]

Losing the Winning Lotto Ticket

Play online and don’t lose your lotto ticket I wonder what you would do if you lost your winning lotto ticket! I would love to be a fly on the wall to be part of the experience…a bad one, that is!  Never let this happen to me… The suspense of Friday has arrived. You can’t […]

One Lotto Ticket

One Lotto Ticket is all it takes You would love to be a millionaire, wouldn’t you? Life gets more expensive, but salaries seem to stagnate and the idea of getting promoted is like a pie in the sky. Even if you do get a promotion, you’ll have to pay so much more in taxes. So, […]