Huge Lottos

A Lotto Punter’s Right to Dream

Lotto Winner: From Pauper to Jetsetter Quite a few lottery punters carry a millionaire’s shopping list in their pockets for good luck.  They know exactly what they’re going to do with all those marvellous lotto millions once it’s theirs to spend at will. Many covet castles and gold.  They want the “I’m fabulously wealthy”- look […]

Huge Lottos and Lotto Max

Other World Lotto Games: Information on LottoMax The Lotto Max in Canada was introduced replace the Canadian Super Lotto 7. On the 19th of September in the year of 2009 the first tickets for LottoMax went on sale. The draw took place six days later on the 25th of September. LottoMax have draws every Friday […]

Join the Lotto Mania NOW!

Lotto Mania  –  The THRILL of your Life To win the lottery can be a very thrilling experience. Just think about it – you make a small investment in buying a lotto ticket and end up having hundreds or even thousands of Euros. Lotto has been famous for many, many years, but lotto mania has […]

Australia’s OZ Lotto Rocks Big-time

Quick OZ Lotto rundown OZ Lotto is Australian for kickass lottery jackpots. The Lotto offers 7 exciting levels (divisions) of prizes. Draws take place once a week on Tuesdays.  45 balls numbered 1-45 are used to draw 9 numbers.  The first 7 balls drawn carry the 7 lucky winning numbers – match your 7 numbers […]

How to be a Mega Sena Lotto Winner

Positive thinking and unlimited dreaming may land you mega-bucks in the next Mega Senna Lotto draw. The Mega Sena Lotto The Mega Sena Lotto of Brazil is the leading lottery in South America. The lottery operator is the Caixa Economica Federal Bank. Draws take place bi-weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Numbers are drawn from two […]

Grudgingly Generous with Lottery Winnings

To Share or Not to Share Your Lottery Winnings The only thing your mother-in-law gave you for your birthday the day before yesterday was one measly old lottery ticket that cost her next to nothing.  You secretly hoped for a bottle of whiskey… but in all fairness, you did agitate the old so-and-so when she […]

Keeping Mum or Spilling Beans on Winning Huge Lottos

Will you keep mum or spill the beans if you are lucky enough to win the lottery big time – that is if you have a say in going public or remaining anonymous. Go Public or Remain Anonymous In Europe lottery winners have an option whether to go public or remain anonymous after hitting a […]

A Trip Down Memory Lane with Huge Lottos

 Ordinary people score big on Huge Lottos Sometimes we need to remind ourselves how ordinary people took a chance on huge lottos and scored big.  Those marvellous mega-bucks did not come to them from nowhere.  Housewives, mechanics and dry cleaners who are now indulging in incredibly nouveau riche lifestyles, all have one thing in common […]

Unclaimed EuroMillions Winnings

EuroMillions Winners Don’t Always Claim Mega-Dough Absentmindedness, denial, religious qualms, and just plain negative thinking are why some Lottery winners forfeit mega-millions. Mega-millions ownerless Imagine winning big in a EuroMillions jackpot … and not claiming all those mega-millions! Who on earth would walk away from truckloads of cash? Players have only 180 days from the […]

What is USA Powerball?

USA Powerball is GREAT! It’s an American lottery game that is sold by 45 various lotteries and has a shared jackpot game. The coordinators are the Multi-State Lottery Association. They are an organization that is non-profitable. The firm is formed by an agreement with different United States lotteries. The format changed on January 15, in […]