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Ian Galtress lost winning Euromillions Ticket

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Galtress did not Play Lotto Online

Ian Galtress from Wirral, Merseyside in North West England, has been pulling his hair out of his head for the past 20 months. He believes that he may have been a Euromillions Lottery winner if he hadn’t lost his Lottery ticket.

Ian says that his life has been ruined since the day of the daw when he lost his £1million winning ticket. Galtress bought two tickets – one for himself and one for his girlfriend. His girlfriend’s ticket was just one digit away from the winning ticket’s matching raffle code that could have won £1million. But, he lost his ticket.

Camelot, the UK Lottery organisers appealed to the public, reporting that the missing winning ticket was bought in the Wirral area.

Since then, Ian reports to being nervous, depressed and feeling as though something is missing in his life.

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The TOP 5 reasons why it is much safer to Play Lotto Online:

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1.You cannot lose your winning ticket

2.You can’t misplace your ticket

3.The ticket is registered to you and in your name

4.You will be notified if you won

5.Nobody can steal your ticket
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