Lucky Lotto Winners and their Millions

Another one of the lucky lotto winners

Believe it or not, the identity of the 108 million EuroMillions jackpot winners have been revealed. He is a car Mechanic and an amateur racing driver from Coulsdon, Surrey.

His massive jackpot win in March made him the winner of the fourth biggest National lotto scoop in Britain. He is now richer than the musician Robbie Williams as well as George Michael who both have riches of 105 million Euros. He is the 745th richest man in the United Kingdom.

Coulsdon was abuzz with speculation about the identity of the mystery man.

‘I wish it was me. We’re all desperate to know who it is – that’s a life-changing amount of money.” These were the words of another local mechanic also based in Coulsdon.

Peter Davy, who is a steward at the Victoria working men’s club had the following to say.

‘We’re calling every mechanic we know. We’re desperate to know who it is. If he’s got any sense, he’ll be long gone, booking a flight to the Bahamas by now.”

The winning numbers were 6, 24, 25, as well as 27 and 30. The lucky stars were 5 and 9. These numbers made the player the first Briton to win the Euromillions this year.

Just think about this man’s next few days. The only thing that he would have to do is decide on how he is going to spend his prize. Just for interest sake – he would be able to buy the 1,100 acre Greek Island of Omfori. The island is on the market for just a little over 41 million Euros. He would also be able to buy a Lamborghini Veneno – which is one of the most expensive cars in the whole world. After making both of these purchases, he would still have 2.4 million Euros left. How crazy is that?

But winning more than £148million in August 2012 created difficulties for Adrian and Gillian Bayford, from Haverhill in Suffolk. They split up months later.

The third biggest British winner scooped £113million in October 2010, but decided not to go public. Not all lotto winners want fame.

This makes me want to play Euromillions every day of my life. Who does not want their very own Greek island? Some people are so lucky.

Happy betting!

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