Living it up with my Lotto Jackpot winnings

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Ever contemplated what you would do when you win the lotto jackpot in your dreams? Live it up big time, off course! 

Daydreaming about my Lotto Jackpot jackpot 

I play the lotto zealously. I fervently hope, pray and wish to rake in all those millions. I chant all kinds of mumbo jumbo, hocus pocus, superstitious mutterings as I carefully choose my much deliberated on magic numbers and hand in my ticket at the kiosk. I stare unblinkingly at the TV screen, steering the lotto balls by the sheer will of my well-practised mind… and for once in my life, the forces in the cosmos align in my favour and lo’ and behold – I win! All those mega millions are mine to do with as I please… suck it up!

Since this is MY daring daydream, I have decided to spend my marvellous millions in a totally irresponsible, totally heinous, and totally mad hatter manner. I will not think of tomorrow, neither will I save a penny towards a dreadful rainy day. I will sing ABBA’s Money, Money, Money at the top of my voice as I, in sublime bliss, squander cash left, right and centre at whatever may strike my finicky fancy. I will satisfy my every whopping whim without a qualm. I will go on splendid shopping sprees this boring old world have yet to see. I will do superb justice to the word ‘bling’ and sport sparkling diamonds as big as dove eggs on my every finger and both my little toes – just because I can.

I will flaunt my fabulous riches and act the spoiled brat to a T. I will have the world’s paparazzi follow me in awe as I shop the world to my greedy heart’s content.

My Lotto Jackpot shopping list

A mega rich girl has to have a gold-plated shopping list in her dazzling bejeweled purse. Here follows a mere sample of mine:

 Back to reality

All dreams come to an end. Should I ever win the lotto jackpot, I will do the responsible and yes, boring thing. I will go for counselling on how to handle coming into money overnight. I will definitely get financial advice and invest most of the money, pay off my bond and be wise in all aspects of money handling.

I will, however, not breathe a word to my family about my windfall, and I will tell my boss in no uncertain terms what he can do with his job.

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