Keeping Mum or Spilling Beans on Winning Huge Lottos

Will you keep mum or spill the beans if you are lucky enough to win the lottery big time – that is if you have a say in going public or remaining anonymous.

Go Public or Remain Anonymous

In Europe lottery winners have an option whether to go public or remain anonymous after hitting a Huge Lottos jackpot.  In the USA, the law on public disclosure differs among states.  Public opinion varies.

Some feel winners of Huge Lottos should be protected from public scrutiny and therefor be shielded from possible harassers and vultures that might want to get their grubby paws on the dough. Others feel it is only right that the names of winners be made public to ensure full accountability of the lottery process.

People want so see for themselves the faces of those lucky ones on whom great fortune has been bestowed – to identify or dream with them, maybe?  To feel part of a modern Cinderella-story?

Fame and Fortune

Winning Huge Lottos big time will probably mean being catapulted onto a world stage and having ultra bright spotlights shone into your eyes. Fame and fortune go hand in hand, it is a proven fact.  I mean, seriously now, how on earth can one even think of being mum on having won all those marvelous millions?  How will one spend those mega-bucks without some nosy neighbor noticing the bling around ones neck?  But then again, who cares?

Relax – Have Others Do Your Bidding

Think about it.  Once the money is yours, the world is your oyster.  You can always hire bodyguards – the super rich have been known to travel the globe with a hunky chap or two in tow.  Besides, extra hands will come in handy when you need help carrying all those shopping bags filled to the brim with luxury goodies.

Begging letters and pressure for donations will probably become part of your uber-rich life.  So what? Appoint a secretary to deal with nitty gritties while you sail the world’s oceans with  your brand new yacht, sipping champagne and catching a tan.  Should you win really big, there would be more than enough booty to share… and, hey, you are a generous soul, are you not?

They Spilled the Beans

Colin and Christine Weir went public when they won the EuroMillions jackpot of  £161million in 2011.

They Kept Mum

Only known as “The Three Amigos’, three public school employees, unanimously claimed a winning ticket for the Mega Millions jackpot in 2012.  Their winnings totalled $35 million each.

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