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UK Lottery

The highest jackpot prize paid out to date by the UK National Lottery was £161,653,000. The UK Lottery is one of the most popular Huge Lottos you can play online from anywhere in the world.


One of the largest lotteries in the world, the Euromillions Lottery paid out an amazing jackpot prize of €190 million in August, 2012.

Euro Jackpot

EuroJackpot is similar in structure to the Euro Millions Lottery game and paid out a staggering €46,079,338 during April 2013 to a German player.

SuperEna Lotto

The largest SuperEna Lotto jackpot to date was worth an amazing €177,800,000. This was won by a single ticket holder in October 2010.

SuperEna Max

The SuperEna Max Lottery offers a guaranteed £75 million and the jackpot increases with £5 million after each draw. It can reach a jackpot of £125 million during its 11 draw cycle, before starting at £75 million again.

USA Lotteries

USA Megamillions

The Mega Millions Lottery is America’s biggest jackpot game, holding the record for the largest jackpot in North American history to the value of $656 million. You can play Mega Millions online right now.

USA Powerball

The USA Powerball is an American lottery game with a minimum advertised jackpot of $40 million. The largest Powerball Lottery jackpot was won during May 2013 and $590,500,000 was paid out.

Superlotto Plus

Super Lotto Plus paid out an impressive jackpot prize during 2002, to the amount of $193 million.

Australian Lotteries

OZ Lotto

The OZ Lotto is an Australian lottery and has regular big jackpot payouts, often $50 million or more. Four winners shared a jackpot of $111,972,151 during a November 2012 draw.

Australian Powerball (Oz Powerball)

Oz Powerball players often use the Powerpik, which is a great way to play Powerball. It gives you 20 Powerball numbers in a single game. When a Powerpik ticket wins, it usually wins quite a few prizes.

El Gordo Lotto

The Spanish Christmas Lottery, El Gordo de Navidad holds the world record up to date for the biggest lottery jackpot to the amount of €720 million or US$941.8 million during 2011. There were 108 winning tickets and each winner received €4 million or US$5.2 million.

Mega Sena Lotto

Mega Sena Lottery is the largest lottery in Brazil and boasts a top jackpot prize payout of R$145m during December 2009.

Euromillions Lottery

France Loto

The France Loto provides one of the best lottery odds – the odds of winning any prize is 1 in 16. The biggest France Loto jackpot win has been €18.2 million.

Monaco Competition

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