All about SuperEna Max

How does SuperEna Max work?

Place of Draw: Winning numbers are based on the outcome of the official SuperEnaLotto, drawn in Rome, Italy

Time of Draw: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday

Cut-off time for purchasing tickets: 15:00 or 16:00 GMT (depending on UK daylight savings time)

Prize tiers are available: 6 including the super draw ‘Superstar’ option

Biggest jackpot available: €250 million with the Superstar option applied

How many rollovers: 10 (11 draws in total)

How to play

  • Select your 6 winning numbers from a possible 90 numbers.
  • Select 6 numbers plus a Superstar number. This tier applies to the Super Draws and the Superstar numbers comes into play. If you match the Superstar number as well, a whopping €100 million will be added to your jackpot winnings.
  • Match all six numbers correctly: Jackpot win
  • Match five plus the Jolly number: tier win
  • Match five only: tier win
  • Match four only: tier win
  • Match three only: tier win 

The SuperEna Max game offers a huge guaranteed minimum jackpot prize of €75 million!

If the jackpot isn’t won, it increases with €5 million until it reaches the jackpot cap or the jackpot is won. Due to a maximum of 11 consecutive rollovers, the maximum jackpot will be €125 million. If the jackpot is not won for 11 consecutive draws, the jackpot cycle starts over and rolls back to €75 million again.

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