3 Sizzling HOT Lucky Lotto Rituals & Tips

Lucky Lotto Rituals

Luck can be defined as: “success or good fortune seemingly brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.”

Even though Luck apparently has nothing to do with one’s own actions, the fact is that the Lucky Person still has to be a participant in something to be able to be lucky.

Sporting stars, pop stars, pilots and other successful people all have lucky rituals they perform before competing in a sports event, performing onstage or doing something important.

3 HOT Lucky Lotto Rituals

Quite a few Lotto Winners perform Lucky Lotto Rituals before they play some of the Huge World Lottos. Here are some Lucky Lotto Rituals for you to try before you play Lottery:

Lucky Pen:

Some Lotto winners believe in using their lucky pen when filling out Lotto tickets. When they play online, they write their numbers down on a piece of paper with their lucky pen.

Exact change:

A number of Lottery winners take the small change from their pockets and place it on a table. Next, they try to get the exact amount for a lottery ticket and then see what each coin is worth. With the few coins on the table, they add & subtract the different values until they have their lucky numbers!

Lucky Lotto Numbers:

An increasing number of Lottery winners play lotto online and choose random lotto numbers from their computer screens by closing their eyes and touching Lottery numbers with their fingertips.

These Lucky Lotto Rituals may seem weird to you, but a number of winners never play Lotto without first performing their particular little Lucky Ritual.

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